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and traceability

We grow with innovation on our side.

Apart from the dedication and great care we show for our lands and organic crops, of particular note is our grove control operations with the help of drones. Implementing this innovative measure has improved our crop yields exponentially.

Agricultural efforts have already been modernised for some time now, providing highly stable development. In recent years, of particular note is the incorporation of GPS into our machines in order to achieve even greater reliability and convenience when working the land.

In terms of pistachio processing innovation, in addition to the continuous expansion and renovation of processing lines, of note is the incorporation of optical machines to classify and sort the pistachios; yet we never forget our final, human control at the selection tables. These resources allow us to operate with greater speed, selection reliability, and quality classification for the final product.


Straight from the field and into your hands

Once the batches of pistachios are received from our agricultural partners, the continuous process of nut drying and shelling beings. This task involves no human intervention to monitor proper operations during the process, and is completed using a modern stainless steel machine.

Of particular note is the special low-heat drying system. At Domo Pistachio, we use a linear drying process so that the pistachio does not have to withstand excessive weight. By doing so with a limited flow of product, we are able to achieve less friction, with more efficient, impact-free drying. Our pistachios’ shells are free from buffer marks and stains, leaving them particularly clean.

At Domo Pistachio, we offer our clients the highest quality, organic pistachios of the variety, size, shelling, and appearance that they need. We invite you to contact us; it would be our pleasure to serve you."

- Francisco Julián Aparicio García

Domo Pistachio President and Partner

Product of Spain

Located in
Castile-La Mancha

Organic pistachio

The result of our commitment to society, the environment, and the sustainability of our fields.

Free from intermediaries

In-house production.
Straight from the field
and into your hands.

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